ELSIE Events

ELSIE Webinar: Framework for Sensitization Assessment for E&Ls and Practical Application - September 22, 2022


This webinar will include presentations and discussions on sensitization assessment of E&Ls and an analysis of the ELSIE database. It will also include considerations of their recent ELSIE publication.The webinar will be open to the public and registration will be free of charge.

Click here to view the recording and the slides from the webinar.

ELSIE Webinar: Duration-Based Non-Mutagenic Thresholds of Toxicological Concern (TTC) for Parenteral Extractables and Leachables - September 13, 2022


This webinar will discuss the TTC and recent work that has been done on this topic within the consortium. Presentations and discussions will include considerations of the recent ELSIE publication as well as regulatory perspectives. The webinar will be open to the public and registration will be free of charge.

Click here to view the recording and the slides from the webinar.

Leachables Risk Management Case Study Webinar - September 29, 2021

This webinar was the second in a series focused on the ELSIE leachables white papers, and engaged participants in the risk management framework through a case study.  The case study considered a component material change, examining material selection considerations, risk assessment, testing approaches, and toxicological considerations throughout the process. The slides are available here. The webinar recording is available here.



Leachables Risk Management Webinar - May 25, 2021


The ELSIE Leachables Risk Management Webinar focused on our white papers. In this webinar, participants gained an understanding of the key points from ELSIE’s work and engaged in discussion on current areas where further consensus-building is needed. The session included a robust Q&A discussion with participants and ELSIE panelists. 

2022 E&L Conferences

ELSIE is delighted to serve as a Media Partner for the Smithers Extractables & Leachables USA 2022 conference which will be held in Arlington, VA & Online (Hybrid) from 5-7 April 2022. Since 2006, Smithers' Extractables & Leachables, USA conference has offered a unique opportunity for E&L experts to gather and discuss the latest updates on regulations, best practices, compliance, case studies, biocompatibility, and more. To get the latest updates, follow the event on twitter @SmithersELevent and join the mailing list: https://www.eandl-conference.com/extractables-and-leachables-usa/join-the-mailing-listFor more information, visit the Conference website

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2021 E&L Conferences

PepTalk - The Protein Science and Production Week (virtual)

San Diego, CA

19-21 January 2021

Informa Markets E&L Virtual Conference 2021

3-4 March 2021

PITTCON Virtual Conference

10 March 2021

2021 Parenteral Drug Association (PDA) Europe Conference: Parenteral Packaging

Basel, Switzerland

23-24 March 2021

CPhI North America 
Philadelphia, PA

20-22 April 2021

69th ASMS Conference on Mass Spectrometry and Allied Topic

Philadelphia, PA

6-10 June 2021

Volanthen Group "E and L Live" Webinar

9 June

E&L USA Conference

Arlington, VA
June 28-July 1, 2021

E&L China Conference

Shanghai, China

23-24 November 2021


ELSIE is delighted to serve as a Media Partner for the Smithers Extractables & Leachables China 2021 conference which will be held in Shanghai from 23-24 November 2021. The conference offers an opportunity to receive insight into the shifting global regulatory landscape, network with E&L professionals, and hear from stakeholders and experts. As E&L examination continues to be an area of emerging importance in China, E&L China offers an opportunity to understand future regulations and best practices for carrying out E&L studies.  Dr. Lee Nagao from the ELSIE Secretariat will present on leachables risk management. For more information, visit the Conference website

56th Congress of the European Societies of Toxicology (Eurotox 2021)

Copenhagen, Denmark

26-29 September 2021

Pharma Ed

San Dieg0, CA

11-12 November 2021

E&L Europe

Brussels, Belgium
17-18 November 2021

ELSIE Events

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